Commercial Retreading

Why Retread in The Woodlands, TX? ... It's Less Costly!

Retreading your casings, rather than buying brand new tires, can save a bundle – something we all need in this economy. By re-using an existing tire casing and adding new tread, you can receive a more efficient cost per mile of your tires.

Environmentally Friendly

Retreading is an environmentally friendly approach to the constant need and manufacture of tires. Rather than using materials to create brand new tires, retreads use the casing from existing tires, which cuts down on the number of resources being wasted. Each casing can have up to three or four lives, which means three or four retreaded tires as opposed to three or four costly new tires.


It is a myth that retread tires are not safe for drivers. A lot of the rubber found on highways and interstates comes from drivers who continued driving on a flat tire. And most of those torn flats were new tires. With the process used in retreading today, it is virtually impossible for a casing to separate from its tread. Nearly every major airline uses retreads.